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Series Title: The Broken Mirror, Image Title: Untitled
by Jonathon Lewis
United Kingdom

Artist Statement
I am currently reading for a photography degree at the University of Falmouth, England. I try to look at photography as an expression and extension of myself and an investigation into the human condition. I enjoy the opportunity to depict people in situations and environments where I can use my creative skills to produce insightful interpretations of the human psyche.The grace and beauty of the human form has always been celebrated, classical and idealised forms of human perfection appear throughout Art history. My work, using digital manipulation, challenges perceptions of normality, of form, of function and of mind. My work also enables me to gain insight into my own perceptions and attitudes and by so doing changes the way I observe the human form and condition. I have this series of works on my website, Thankyou for taking the time to look at my work. Jonathon M. Lewis

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