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LadyBug Breakfast
by Peter Brickey
United States (NC)

Artist Statement
I shoot pretty much whatever gets in front of my lens. This is a shot of a ladybug on a Mimosa Tree blossom that is beside my driveway. This shot is handheld. Due to health reasons, I do not attempt to travel alone, so most of my subjects are found within a short walking distance. I consider most of my work to be realistic interpretive as I try to show the world as what I view to be important. I also use my images on a variety of products made by I use this as an outlet to get my images out into the public, since an unseen image is nothing more than a personal memory. My use of image editing is usually limited to sizing and saving for backup. This shot was taken with a Nikon D70 using a F 2.8 Nikkor 55mm AF Micro Lens. Thank you for looking. Peter Brickey Winston-Salem North Carolina

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