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Swirl, Victor Hugo's House, Guernsey
by Celine MICOUT
United Kingdom

Artist Statement
Céline Micout settled in Guernsey, Channel Islands, in 1997 to work at Hauteville House, Victor Hugo’s House of Exile in Guernsey, at first as part of the administration team of the museum/house. Currently she is engaged into doctorate research in History on the personal library of Victor Hugo, on the author's reading objects and practises, the first step of which was to catalogue the whole collection preserved at the House (with more than 9000 items). If Guernsey, Hauteville House and Victor Hugo’s books were and are personally and academically very stimulating, they also fed Céline’s inspiration as a long-term photographer. While working within Hauteville House’s walls, she took a lot of shots. Her work shows what she is interested in: establishing a close relationship to the object, observing in details its texture and material, its imperfections, the way in which it reacts to light and shade. However she generally allows the observer to breathe and escape thanks to outlying and thus open framings. She tries to capture the gentle play between drafts and fabrics, serenity, unique moments and atmospheres.

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