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common questions
below you will find a collection of questions i've been asked and some that i thought i would probably be asked. if after reading the rules page and this page, you still have a question, shoot me note.
why only 1500 images?
i thought long and hard about this point. in the end it was my experience with the amateur contest that made me set a cap. in its first year i had forty images. in the eighth year i had over 8,000 photos. i've had to implement extra layers of judging to parse the photos before taking them to the full judging pool. this is a hard process to manage and recruit help for. now i'll be courting professionals to judge and feel those additional layers could by show-stoppers for some potential judges.

do i retain the rights to my image?
yes. you retain complete and full ownership of your image. by submitting you grant me permission to post the image on this website. furthermore, i will not use your image in any commercial way (i.e. sale of prints, sale of wallpaper). if i am contacted by someone regarding usage of your photo, as sometimes happens in the amateur everyman, i will direct the person to you. although, given you will have links to your site, visitors will have easy access to you and your work already. but in the event i am contacted regarding an image you submitted, i send them directly to the photographer.

will you hang my picture in your house?
i've thought on this one a bit. the whole reason i originally began the everyman was to collect art to hang in my home and that is a condition of the amateur everyman. here though, i feel that is a breach of trust and an abuse of the artist's livelihood. so i will not use photography collected in the everyman pro in my home but if something does strike me, and i'm sure it will, i will purchase a print from the author just as i'm sure many others will do.

why can't i watermark my images?
because the watermarks will reveal identifying information to the judges, they can't be on the images during the judging process. the best i can do here is replace the image with a watermarked version after the judging is complete. if that is something you'd like, follow up with me directly and we can work it out.