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would you like to be an everyman pro judge?
in attempt to match the broad array of photography this contest collects, i'm always looking for fresh and diverse personalities to evaluate the affair. many folks find the judging experience to be a fulfilling and growing exercise that helps them to look at photography with a more aware and alert eye.

minimum requirements to judge the everyman pro
you must be a artistic professional in some manner. you'll notice that this role is not specifically limited to photographers. while artistic and professional photogs will be part of the mix, there will also be graphic designers, teachers, mixed-media artist and the like. so even if you don't fit the traditional role for a photo judge, the everyman may be the contest to let you stretch those creative muscles.

judging is done through an online tool so anyone in the world with a broadband connection is able to participate. as for the time commitment, because of the entrant restriction there will be no more than 1500 photos to evaluate which would take someone between 10-20 hours to complete. you will have six weeks to complete the task and can spread it out in any way you choose.

at this time, judges are not eligible to enter the contest.

to be considered as a judge, please provide the below information. i'll be in touch either way regarding a decision.

if usa, state:
additional description of your profession
why do you want to be a judge
url(s) to samples of your work

NOTE: if your work is not viewable online, can you email a some form of portfolio to